Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Summer I Turned Pretty By: Jenny Han


Belly measures her life in summers, the sun, the sand, and most importantly, the boys. Fifteen summers spent at the same shore house with the boys treating her like a little sister and suddenly this summer everything is different, everything is different because this summer Belly finally feels pretty.

Book Talk:

Have you ever noticed how when you feel pretty the whole world seems like a different place? Even if it only lasts for a short while? After fifteen summers of watching her crushes watch other girls this summer they’re looking at her. Feeling pretty gives her the confidence to do be herself and do things she hasn’t done before. Which may leave you wondering whether it’s her looks, or her new found confidence that has the boy’s heads turning. If you’ve ever felt like you’ll never be the center of attention, if you’ve ever wondered what it was like to feel pretty, this is a book for you. One summer changed Belly’s world, and one book just might change yours too.

Peer Recommendation:

“I love anything by Jenny Han, her stories are so true. I feel like it could be about me.” Nancy


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Capitol Choices List (DC)

Han, Jenny. The Summer I Turned Pretty. New York: Simon & Shcuster, 2009.
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