Friday, November 18, 2011

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Hi Readers! If you’ve been reading along so far you’ve found 12 reviews for 12 great books covering a bunch of different genres. I like reading books in lots of different genres, and I bet you do to. For my next few reviews (8), I am going to focus on one of my favorite genres: Chick Lit. Don’t click away just yet! Girls: Chick Lit is made for us! It’s got great stories, heart, and usually it’s pretty easy to read. Boys: Trying to figure out what your girlfriend is thinking or how to impress your crush? Chick Lit just may have your answers!

If you haven’t fallen in love with chick lit like I have yet, take a look at these book talks and pick up a title or two. You may just find yourself hooked. You don’t have to take my word for it, I asked some teens what they thought about chick lit and used their recommendations to pick some of my 8 books. Let’s meet the lovely ladies now:

Mandy: Mandy is 17 and from the Philadelphia area, her favorite class is English and she used to live at the local Borders until it closed.

“I read chick lit on occasion usually it's because it's light fluffy and an easy read. It's a break from my usual sci fi/fantasy/ horror reading.”

“I prefer southern chick lit books... the female characters tend to have more traditional values but aren't afraid to live or be on their own and are usually strong women.”

Melanie: Melanie is 16 and from the Philadelphia suburbs, she loves reading and ice cream.

“Yes I do [read chick lit] now, because it's easy and quick to read. Because of school I’m too busy to read long/hard books”

Nancy: Nancy is 17 and lives in California, her favorite thing to do is rock climbing!

“Chick lit is great because it’s about girls like me. Well, girls I wish I was, anyway!”

Bonnie: Bonnie is 15 and from Boston, she loves reading, and spending time with her boyfriend.

“I love, love, love, it [chick lit]. I don’t want to read about old people, or dead people, or ghosts, or whatever. I want to read cute stories where the girl gets the guy!”

Jenna: Jenna is 16 and from Philadelphia, she likes reading and spending time with her friends.

“I read a lot of chick lit with my friends. We’ll take turns passing around a good book and we’ll talk about it sometimes, or go see it if it’s a movie, like twilight, we are SO excited.”

I asked the girls how they found out about the great books they read; only one girl said she read a blog!

Jenna: “I sometimes look at Chick Lit Teens [], her reviews are really good and she has this rating system I like. The only thing, is the reviews are usually new books my school library doesn’t have copies of yet.”

I asked the girls who didn’t read blogs why not, where they got their books from, and what would attract them to a blog.

“I'll read reviews on online stores like amazon or something and I suppose I have used librarything to see some reviews but not often. I don't look for reviews very often. I usually find out by word of mouth or just browsing”

Melanie: “I would be attracted to one [a blog] if I didn't have a sister and friends who recommend good books to me all the time!”

"I've used before -- you become a member and have virtual book shelves of 'to read' 'reading' and 'read.' You friend people similarly to facebook and see their shelves and reviews. The main attraction for me was a place to actually organize and gather a list of what I want to read"

Bonnie: "sometimes there are reviews in magazines I read, or a friend will tell me it’s a good book. I never thought to look for a blog, maybe I will now… I wouldn’t want the blog to tell me it’s a good book, and then I go and get it and it stinks. That would suck.”

There’s some insight to start with! Let’s get book talking!

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