Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rooftop By: Paul Volponi


Rooftop is the story of two cousins, Addison and Clay, both dealing with drug addictions until Addison is shot, unarmed, by the police. As the witness Clay is left with a tough decision to make.

Book Talk:

Clay and Addison are cousin who don’t talk for years, until one day they end up in the same rehab center. They bond once again and work towards making a good life for themselves. This ends when Clay accompanies Addison on a trip to get some money he is owed and is shot by police on a rooftop. Clay sees the whole thing, and although Addison was unarmed and shouldn’t have had to die, he wonders if he was really innocent. Clay now has to struggle with whether to tell what really happened, or to let people think Addison was a victim of the color of his skin.
Rooftop is a book for anyone who has ever had to make a hard decision, one that might hurt the people he loved or maybe the memory of the people they’ve lost.


ALA Best Book for Young Adults
Quick Pick Award

Volponi, Paul. Rooftop. New York, N.Y.: Viking, 2006.
Book Cover Credit:,,9780670060696,00.html

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