Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twilight By: Stephenie Meyers


Isabella Swan, newcomer to Forks, Oregon, is instantly drawn to the handsome, quiet, and mysterious Edward Cullen. The Cullen’s live apart from the rest of Forks, never interacting with anyone outside their family, until Bella learns Edward’s dark secret. Learning their secret opens Bella to the greatest risk, and the greatest love, she has ever known.

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Have you ever had a crush on someone so captivating, so much more interesting than everyone else around you? What if you found out that person liked you back, but they had a dark secret, and loving them would put you in constant danger? Would you choose to be with them? What if they were a vampire? These are the questions Bella must answer.
In a new town, with new friends, and a new boy in the picture Bella learns the unbelievable truth, that Edward Cullen and his family are vampires. The love she has for Edward and the love he has for her is stronger than anything she has ever known, but is it enough in the face of the dangers that come with having a boyfriend who’s a vampire? Now Bella must decide, is her love for Edward Cullen worth the danger, is it worth the risk, and ultimately, is it worth her life?


New York Times Editor's Choice
One of Publishers Weekly's "Best Children's Books of 2005"
Publishers Weekly "Best Book of the Year"
One of the American Library Association's "Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults" and "Top Ten Books for Reluctant Readers"
One of School Library Journal's "Best Books of 2005's "Best Book of the Decade...So Far"

Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2005.
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