Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Rainbow Boys By: Alex Sanchez

The Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez follows three senior boys coming to grips with their sexual identity. Each comes from a different background, and has different fears about their sexuality. The fears they all share are those common to all teens: being loved by their family, respected by their friends, and finding someone to love.

Book Talk
High school is a hard time, dealing with school, friends, family, and the future. It’s even harder if you are Nelson, Kyle and Jason, and dealing with being homosexual. Being different can be really hard, and these three feel like they couldn’t be any more different because of who they like. Add to this confusion the daily struggles of grades, sports, family, deciding the future, and first love and you have a story which may hit surprisingly close to home no matter what your sexual orientation. If you’ve ever felt different, or worried about whether your friends would accept you for who you really are, Rainbow Boys is a book for you.

Young Adults Choice, International Reading Association (2003)
Best Book for Young Adults, ALA
Gay Youth Book of the Year

Sanchez, Alex. The Rainbow Boys. New York: Simon & Shuster, 2001.
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