Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'll be Seeing You By: Lurlene McDaniel


Carly, who has been disfigured since she was young, never thought she would meet the boy of her dreams in the hospital. Kyle was blinded in an accident and since he can't see what Carly looks like she thinks he's a perfect match for her. But what will she do when he starts to get his sight back?

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Have you ever felt like you would never find someone to love you because of the way you looked? Carly feels that way ever day. At school they call her the 'Dog Face Girl,' because of her looks. When she meets Kyle at the hospital and discovers that he's blind, the two become friends with out her looks getting in the way. Why Kyle starts to get his sight back Carly has a decision to make. Does she tell Kyle the truth about her looks and hope he still likes her, or does she walk away and leave the time they spent together a perfect memory.

A fantastic story of love and truth, I'll be Seeing You is a must read for anyone who ever thought they would never find love.


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McDaniel, Lurlene. I'll be Seeing You. New York: Random House, 1996.
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